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Fiji's rainforests are unique in that they have no harmful animals or insects. Here one can enjoy serene contemplation of nature in complete safety. Multi-hued birds flit from the trees, and if you are lucky you may spot several varieties of Fiji's tiny wild parrots. While the forest can be thick and impenetrable, you will find pathways used by the Fijians who know the jungle as well as you know your own living room. Because of the mountainous nature of the islands, there are numerous streams and waterfalls, often with a cool pond in a rocky basin beneath the falls. One of the most famous is the sacred Bouma Falls on the Island of Taveuni, seen by the world in the motion picture "Return to the Blue Lagoon". Here you will also find a natural waterslide, also featured in the movie, where local residents have enjoyed themselves for centuries. Fiji has no leeches or crocodiles, and wild streams and brooks are crystal clear and unpolluted.


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