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Fishing in FIJI is favoured all year round. There is simply great fishing for everyone! All methods of game fishing is available in Fiji - choice of group to instruct captain/crew. Overnight charter too is also available where the whole family can fish and catch a great ketch of edible fish.

Dry Season: May - November
Wet Season: December - April

Best Wahoo Season: May - August
Best Billfish Season: March-April, July-August, October-November
Best Tanguige Season: Feb-April, July-August, October-November
Best Tuna Season: April - July
Sailfish occur through the year - possibly best in August

Most Important Species Local Name Season Best Month
Black Marlin saku voro waqa July-Nov July-Nov
Blue Marlin same as above Mar-Aug July-Aug
Striped Marlin same as above June-Aug July
Sailfish saku almost all year round anytime
Wahoo Wahoo June-Aug July-Aug
Dolphin fish mahimahi almost all year round Nov
Tanguige walu Jan-Mar-Oct-Dec Feb
Barracuda Ogo Jan-Mar/Oct-Dec Feb
Giant Trevally Saqa Jan-Mar/Oct-Dec Feb
Yellow Fin Tuna Atu or Matu May-July June
Dog Tooth Tuna same as above June-Oct July
Skipjack Tuna, Kawakawa same as above May-Aug  
Big Eye Tuna      

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