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Bula Vinaka!! & Welcome to FVB Product Catalogue

It gives us great pleasure to present to you a range of products available from our Resource Centre for your perusal and reference about the Fiji Islands.

The Fiji Visitors Bureau in its efforts to promote the Fijian Islands sees as an essential part of its marketing, the production of printed collateral as important informational and educational sources for those wanting to learn more about our islands and hopefully visit one day. These materials will hopefully enlighten you on what Fiji is all about and what it offers both as a vacation destination and for many other reasons that you might want to leave the comforts of your home and seek out this land where time stands still and is one of the first to see in every new day.

The guide publications are free and all you are required to do is contact any of our regional offices or market representatives closest to you and a copy will be mailed out to you. The Hema Map, coffee table books, electronic products, posters, and fashionwear can only be sourced from Head Office here in Fiji at the V.I.P prices quoted so do drop us an email if you would like a copy to assist in planning your vacation in our islands or just as a memento if you have already discovered the Fiji magic.

All prices quoted are current and VAT inclusive. We hope to soon incorporate into this catalogue an on-line booking advice form for your convenience should you wish to purchase our retail products on-line.

If you encounter any difficulties with obtaining information on any of the products within this catalogue please send us an email and we will service your query as soon as possible. Any comments or for further assistance please email to our central Information Desk at:

Vinaka Vakalevu (Thank you very much) & we hope to see you in Fiji one day!

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