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Do you sell/have detailed maps of Suva or the Fiji Islands?
Yes, we have a map of the Fiji Islands please click on

I am interested in living and working in Fiji. What do I do?

  • Those wishing to reside and work in Fiji, even on a temporary basis, require proper authority to do so before arrival. In most cases, prospective employers who make the necessary arrangements, sponsor such people. A Work permits would cost your prospective employer F$385.00 and is valid for 3 years and may be renewed upon application by your employer.
  • For more information, please write to the Director of Immigration, Level 3 Suvavou House, P O Box 2224, Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji. Tel: (679) 312622/301672 Fax: (679) 301653

Please tell me if you need visas to visit Fiji?
Fiji welcomes visitors and to facilitate easy entry, everything has been done to make the process as pleasant as possible. A valid passport for at least three months beyond the intended period of stay and a ticket for return or onward travel is required. There are a number of countries whose nationals maybe granted entry visas upon arrival for a stay of 4 months, please refer to for further details.

We would like to get married in Fiji. Can you, please send us information on wedding packages?
Please click on

We will be in Fiji for a week, what are some of the things we can do?
There are heaps of activities one can participate in. Please click on

What are some of the best surfing spots in Fiji?
Isolated surf spots like Frigate Pass and Kadavu, where the waves cascade onto reefs, which are margined by deepest blue water, can only be described as breath taking. The surfer is ever aware that he is an exotic animal in this environment. The crystal clear waves occasionally remind him that he is not alone with sharks often coming in to see this odd guest. Fortunately they have never been considered a guest for dinner as a surfeit of natural fare abounds.

More info on surf spots can be found at: http:///

What is the weather like in March/April 2001?

  • Fiji enjoys an ideal South Sea tropical climate. It is thus a perfect holiday destination, especially for those trying to escape the severe Northern Hemisphere winters.
  • Maximum summer temperatures average 31 Degrees Celsius (88 Degrees F) and the mean minimum is 22 Degrees Celsius (72 Degrees F) The winter average maximum is 29 Degrees Celsius (84 Degrees Celsius F) and the mean minimum is 19 Degrees Celsius (66 Degrees Celsius F).
  • These are much cooler in the uplands of the interior of the large islands. Kindly look up

Internet Access in Fiji - I plan on visiting Fiji for the first time from the US, for several months later this year. How difficult it is to access the internet and what are the costs. I have a notebook computer with the necessary hardware and software?
Please liaise directly with Internet Services, Telecom Fiji Ltd, 29 Gladstone Road, Credit Union Towers, Suva. Tel: (679) 300100; Fax: (679) 307237;; Email:

For your information there are also public internet services in Fiji and rates vary from $0.22cents to F$0.55 cents per minute.

Other Internet Facility Providers in Fiji:- (Matt, pls add the following contacts on a new page)

(a) Alpha Computer Centre
181 Victoria Parade, Suva. Tel: (679) 300211
Shop 5 Honson Arcade, Syva. Tel: (679) 312109

(b)The Republic of Cappuccino
FNPF Place, Victoria Parade, Suva. Tel: (679) 300333

(c)Telecom Fiji Ltd
Cnr of Scott & Edward St, Suva. Tel: (679) 304019

(d) Alliance Francaise de Suva
Cakobau Road, Suva. Tel: (679) 313802

(e) Bedarra Booking Office
Queens Road, Martintar, Nadi. Tel: (679) 725130; Fax: (679) 725131;

(f) West Coast Café(next door to Ed's Bar)
Queens Road, Martintar, Nadi. Tel: (679) 724650

(g) Cyber Café
Shop No. 1, Sharma's Building, Main Street, Nadi. Tel: (679) 702226

(h) Adventure Fiji(Rosie The Travel Service)
Arrivals Concourse, Nadi Airport. Tel: (679) 722755

(i) Margaret's Travel Service
Arrivals Concourse, Nadi Airport. Tel: (679) 721988

(j) Imaam's Taxi's & Prestige Limousine
6 Kennedy Avenue, Nadi. Tel: (679) 700559/700413

(k) Ratu Kini Boko
Arrivals Concourse Terminal, Nadi Airport. Tel: (679) 721959

Please provide with me more comprehensive information on Fiji's history & culture?
Please click on or or for further information on Fiji's history & culture.

I will be in Fiji for 3 years and I wish to bring my dog/cat with me. Tell me what documentation is required in this case.?
A permit is required for the importation of cats, dogs and other live animals. Such animals will require to be kept in quarantine isolation on arrival. The length of such isolation periods will depend on the country of origin of these animals. Quarantine officers are stationed at the international airports at Nadi and Nausori and the ports of entry for vessels.

Further inquiries regarding the importation of animals or animal products can be made at the office of:-

  • Director of Animal Health and Production, GPO Box 15829, Suva, Fiji
    Telephone: (679)315322 /Fax:(679)301368.
  • Inquiries related to the imports of vegetable and plant matter are to be directed to the Principal Quarantine Officer, Private Mail Bag, Raiwaqa, Suva. Telephone: (679) 312512 Fax: (679) 305043.

Where can I purchase a flag of Fiji?

Fiji flags can be purchased from these companies:-
(i) Government Supplies of Fiji, WaluBay, Suva @$F107.55. Tel: (679) 311388 or
(ii) Asia Pacific Management Ltd, P O Box 14140, Lot 10 Viria Road, Vatuwaqa, Suva. Tel: (679) 384689/384692; Email: Measurements as follows;

  • 2' x 1' @ $45.00 each; 4' x 2' @ F$110.00 each; 6' x 3' @ F$145.00 each.

Souvenir desktop flags are available at Motibhai's Duty Free Shops @ F$2.50 each; 3" x 5 " @ F$15.00 each

Visiting yachties can purchase courtesy and marine flags from:-

  • (i)The Royal Suva Yacht Club @ F$22.50 each. Tel: (679) 312921; Email:
    (ii) Savusavu Yacht Shop, Copra Shed Marina, Savusavu @ F$61.50 each. Tel: (679) 50122; Email:

Does Fiji have any art galleries?
Yes, we do. You can obtain information on this by clicking on the following websites:- or

We are interested in buying property in Fiji. Can you help us please?
For the purchase of property in the Fiji Islands, please click on the following websites:-

Is there any storage place at Nadi International Airport?
Yes there is. It is a 24hour service and is located at the Domestic Terminal, adjacent to the International Departure Lounge (LEFT LUGGAGE CORNER).

I am interested in collecting Stamps/Phonecards/Postcards from other countries, could you please help me obtain some from Fiji?
Please click on the following website to obtain more information:
And liaise directly with the Philatelic Bureau.

I am a Coin collector, could you please help me obtain some from Fiji ?
For information on Fiji coins, please email the Reserve Bank of Fiji on:

Can you provide me with more information on the sunset and sunrise times for the different months of the year?
Please email the Marine Department of Fiji on They will be able to provide you with the relevant information on the sunrise & sunset times for the entire year.


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